Undo broken on Mac

Gordon Williams shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

I'm slightly overstating the issue... you have an "Undo" button that works, but Command+Z doesn't. It REALLY REALLY should.


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We know that this feature is not available. Unfortunately it will not be added.


Hi Gordon,

Several shortcuts on macOS are still mapped to the CTRL key instead of CMD key. They still work but just don't follow native macOS convention.

For example:

Undo: CTRL + Z

Redo: CTRL + Y or CTRL + SHIFT + Z

Save file: CTRL + S

Select all: CTRL + A

Exceptions are:

Copy: CMD + C

Paste: CMD + V

I still hope this mismatch could be fixed in the future.

But as far as they still work, you can use them with no big pain.



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