Unable to download files from Geogebratube

Nick Chura shared this question 6 years ago

Until a few days ago, clicking a graph on my Geogebratube page brought took me to a page of the form

geogebra.org/material/show/id/<alphanumeric id here>

But now, clicking the same graph takes me to something like

geogebra.org/m/<alphanumeric id here>

What is different? In the past, the page had buttons for "View Worksheet", "+ Add to Book" and most importantly "Download". Now, the page has no "download" option. Also, the "share" button now involves a pop-up window.

In short, has GeoGebra changed something recently, or did I get an update I wasn't expecting, or did I inadvertently change a setting, or ... ? I'm mostly concerned that I can easily download a file, not just open it in the web app.


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Use the command "Details" with the "i" symbol before in the top right corner menu. I don't know what are the changes but THIS page has always offered the possebility to download the files.


Huh -- that works, but it is not the default page as it used to be. Any ideas whether this is the new default for GeoGebra, or if I made a setting change somewhere?

Thanks for the tip!

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