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mashland4547 shared this idea 7 years ago

It would be really nice to have finer (CSS based) controls for typography inside the tool. Currently the text sizes available are not accurate (small, medium, large, etc), ideally one should be able to enter an exact pixel size for all non-mathematical typography. In our current setup we create games using illustrated artwork from our creative team but when trying to overlay GeoGebra text onto the designated space we struggle with placement and readability.

It would also be great to use web-hosted fonts inside the tool, as we create style guides for all our course materials it would be ideal for them all to have consistent fonts across all types of content.

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You can override the 2 default fonts by changing the fonts.css file, for example:


You can have finer control over the font size by using "Custom..." in the size menu. You can't set an absolute size as the applet might be rescaled on a small screen.

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