Tutorial for Plotting Sequences

David shared this question 6 years ago


Can someone point me toward an introductory tutorial for plotting sequences in Geogebra?



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String Art is a lesson I used to start my students on sequences...not really a tutorial, it is a set of examples which might help...I need to write a better one and would like to see a better written one myself.

This is the final product.



If you have already read the related Wiki page, you'll have learned the basics on how to create a sequence.

Sequences are closely related with lists, so perhaps you should have a look at the lists Wiki page.

You can also create lists in many different ways, and the CreateList tool is one of them.

In the end, have a look at GeoGebraTube, our collection of free materials. Just type sequences (or the same key in your language) in the search box and explore the worksheets uploaded by hundred of users throughout the world.

Of course, the Forum community will be glad to help, if you have doubts or issues. Just post your question here and submit your file.

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