Trouble finding my stuff in "search"

Nate Barlow shared this question 10 months ago

Hi! I just started using Geogebra, with the goal of switching all the stuff I used to w/ 3D prints when teaching math to AR when I teach online in the Fall (and beyond, in addition to the prints).

I've been following the tutorial videos (which are great by the way!) and must be missing a step b/c I can't seem to find the content I create, such as this

in the search (needed for easily opening for AR later). Any help is much appreciated!

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I'd like to use this when start teaching my 100+ student online class of differential equations next week. Any help is much appreciated! :)


all your resources can be found on

the private resources are not showed to student


Thank you! - it is good to know that this can be accessed without being signed in. That said, I was really hoping that stuff would show up in search (if this still an option for users) because then my students can easily view it in AR on their smart devices using the 3D Calculator App, without having to download the file and then do a "copy to 3D Calculator" within their smart device

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