translation of applets and copyrights

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I'm a math teacher and I would like to translate the following applet and include it in the learning material of my students

do I need to get permission from the owners?

how can i contact the owners?

i would like to give credits to the owners, do you have a recommended text

thank you



If material is published you can use it freely yourself for your students without asking permission. For translation and giving credit to the creaters you've got two options. You can make a copy of the activity/book and in it replace the applets and/or texts by your translation. Doing so the name of the author creator is displayed automaticly on top of the activity. Or you can download the applet without making a copy of the activity. After translating you can upload your version and include a simple text as "This is a tranlation of the original applet in English (or whatever) by ..."

If you select Details clicking on the three points icon in the upperright corner you get down left the option 'contact the author of this material'


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