Translating a GeoGebra plot/chart into Arabic

KamilJ shared this question 2 years ago

Has anyone had to localise a chart or plot created using GeoGebra into another language?

I work for a translation company and one of our clients is translating a maths course into Arabic and the course includes GeoGebra applets. Since the content is being created in English we need to localise it so that:

* numbers on axis are using Eastern Arabic numer

* any text on the graphs/plots is translated

* any LaTeX notations are converted into Arabic notations

The approach we will be taking is taking the .GGB file, unzipping it and editing XML files. This way our translators can translate any text and our developers can change LaTeX to be using the correct Arabic notation.

Does anyone know how to change the text orientation into right-to-left and change the numbers on the axes to be using Eastern Arabic numerals? is there a way to do it by editing the XML files within the .GGB package?

If anyone has a better approach, I would be grateful if you could share it.

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