Translate command does not work with ellipse

mamulo shared this problem 6 years ago


the command "Translate" does not work for an ellipse in my GeoGebra running on OS X. It does work when I provide a circle as one of its parameters.

By "does not work" in the case of an ellipse I mean that the ellipse does not get shifted but instead I just get a question mark as a result. This is shown in the attached worksheet.

I assume that this is a bug in GeoGebra. Can you confirm that?

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It seems that the command is not working in CAS View. (but please note the required syntax: the second parameter of the command needs to be a vector, not a point)

Anyway I tried it with different conics in Input bar and it works fine.

In CAS view conics in canonical form (e.g. x^2/a^2 +-y^2/b^2=+-1) are translated, other aren't.


Please try the new version


Great, it works now. I have just tested this with version Thank you very much.

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