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geouser shared this question 12 years ago

Hi everybody,

I think that my problem is very simple, but I don't know how to solve it!

When I have some points and I trace them to the spreadsheet, they don't appear listed in rows, but all in the same row (I mean, the first point in the A-B column, the second point in the C-D column, etc.), and this is very uncomfortable for working.

1) Can that be solved? Or the only solution is move the coordinates manually in the spreadsheet?

2) Is there a way to trace ALL THE POINTS to the spreadsheet instead of click them one by one?

Thank you in advance!!


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Thanks, Noel, it could be a solution... but what if we have 200 points?

Do we have to enter all the points in each cell of the spreadsheet? I've tried to click and drag the cells to see if it showed an automatic list (as in Excel, i.e.) but it didn't...

I guess there must be a fastest trick!



I'm sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough, but I would like to do the opposite: take the points' coordinates from graphic window to spreadsheet, but only in two columns, not in the first row.

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