Tools and Sequences

Laurent Hivon shared this question 13 years ago
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I have got some problems with Tools :

1. It seems impossible to create a tool with Sequence as an output object.

For example, when I try to declare Sequence[(i, i²), i, 0, n] as an output object, Geogebra says "i" is an undefined variable.

Am I wrong ? Is it a bug ? Can it be changed ?

2. First I created a point z, and an integer n.

Then I created : Sequence[Longueur[z]^(1 / n); (Angle[z] + 6.28 k) / n), k, 0, n-1]

Some strange things are displayed when I change the value of n with the mouse : everything is ok when I am increasing n, but when I a decreasing n, traces of ex-points are displayed.

Is it normal ?


Laurent Hivon


Geogebra PreRelease 14 June 2007

Windows XP SP2

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