Toolbar icons not matching saved 'Menu font size' when reopening a GeoGebra file (v5.0.309.0)

J.Capel(UNSW) shared this problem 6 years ago

I have saved my settings with 'Font size' 24pt and 'Menu Font Size' 12pt (in the advanced options).

However when I restart GeoGebra it seems the toolbar icons do not match the saved 'Menu font size' in the advance options. I can fix this by opening advance options and clicking on the already selected 12pt font size for 'Menu font size'.

The file attached 'Capture_large_icons.png' is a screenshot of how my toolbar looks when I first open GeoGebra. And the file 'Capture_small_icons.png' is how it looks after I select the (already selected) 12pt menu font size.

Since I primarily use GeoGebra to develop material to upload, I love having a separate app font size to menu font size, but having to "remind" the icons what the 'Menu font size' is every time I open GeoGebra can get annoying.

Kind Regards,

Joshua Capel

p.s. A related issue I just noticed: the Undo, Redo, Help and Preferences icons on the toolbar seems to scale with the regular font size rather than the 'menu font size'.

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