Toolbar Icon for custom tool grows or disappears when font size is over 16.

David Hall shared this question 6 years ago
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I have found 3 problems, all related to the interaction of "Font Size" and custom too icon shown on the toolbar.

1) Create a custom tool that is shown in the toolbar then change Options | Font Size from 16 to 18 or any size greater than 16 to see the custom tool icon get bigger than the other toolbar icons.

2) If you then manage tools and deselect “show in toolbar” then reselect it, the icon will disappear from the toolbar. I have not found any way to get it to redisplay an icon in the toolbar.

3) The “Manage Tools” dialog does not resize its text boxes properly, so its layout is distorted and difficult to read when any font size greater than 16 is selected.

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This is happening in the classic desktop version 5.0.366 running on Windows 10. It does not seem to be happening in 6.0.363.

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