Toolbar can't be shown on IE11

新元 王 shared this problem 5 years ago

As the title,I use ie11 to visit the online workstation "" or offline HTML files, but I can't see the images on not only toolbar.But text can be seen,the keyboard included.I try using Microsoft Edge which is a browser to visit the web site above and the problem has solved.The question is I want to insert geogebra in PowerPoint and the Webbrowser,which is an ActiveX widget and can be used to visit a website or a html file and can be easily inserted in it,doesn't support Edge.What should I do.


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Please can you attach a screenshot showing the problem?


I have the same problem. I could solve the problem of ActiveX via regedit. However, when I try to show the ppt, there is some problem with the JavaScript. Is there any solution?

Thank you, Carlos

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