tool error defining intersecting point line an plane

ccambre shared this question 4 years ago

thinking about the question in defining shadow I tried to create a new tool that does this: given a lightpoint P, a second point A and a plane a it creates the shadow B of the given point in the plane a.

Manually it's no Problem, since B is just the intersection point of the line b through P and A and the plane a.

So I defined a tool with

- Output Objects: Line b through P,A and Point : Intersection point of b,a

- Input Objects: Point P, Point A, Plane a

But when I proceed to the tab Name and Icon I get an Error message: processing of command Intersect[b,a].

Can any one explane why the intersection point isn't calculated or give an alternative?

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  1. a: z = 0

is being confused for a number (small bug - we'll fix it soon) so if you change it to

  1. a: z + 0y = 0

then it works :)


Please try in


thanks, now it works with z=0

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