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Invalid preview image (content of file "geogebra_thumbnail.png" do not match content of "geogebra.xml"). Preview image ("geogebra.xml") displayed by open file dialog, may not match content of ggb file. In my case preview image of one ggb file used as preview image of other ggb file, i. e. geogebra generate "geogebra_thumbnail.png" based on second ggb file and save it inside first ggb file; both ggb files edited in windows of one geogebra process.

Press "ctrl+n". Result: two new windows was opened. Expectation: open only one new window.

Lost user input problems. Type some text in input bar, for example "x +"; press "alt+tab" (for example, to copy text from notepad), press "alt+tab" to focus geogebra window; result: input bar empty like after pressing "enter" key; "algebra" panel contain "f(x) = x"; expectation: do nothing, if focus was lost and received; do not process user input automatically; wait for "enter" key press or "esc" key press. Double click on "algebra" panel item to edit it, start type text, press "alt+tab" (for example, to copy text from notepad), press "alt+tab" again to focus algebra window; result: user input lost like after pressing "esc" key; expectation: do nothing, do not remove user input, wait for "enter" key press or "esc" key press. Create points "A" and "B", right click on point "A" to open "object properties" dialog, left click on "caption" field, type some text, left click on point "B", left click on point "A"; result: "caption" field are empty; just typed text are lost; expection: do not lost user typed text.

Looks like that you assume that, if label was changed, than label must be visible. This assumption is wrong. Rename any object in panel "algebra"; result: object label become visible; expectation: do nothing (if object label was hidden, do not show it). Type any text in "caption" field to any object in "object properties" dialog; result: object label become visible and now contain caption; expectation: do nothing (if object label was hidden, do not show it; if object label is visible and do not contain caption, do not show caption as object label; do nothing).

In any dialog (open file dialog, rename dialog, close file dialog) press "tab" key to move focus to some button, press "enter" key. Expectation: focused button must be pressed.

Modify user input problem. Type "x^2", try to change it; result: you will get "f(x) = x²"; other examples: auto remove "/1", auto remove "*", auto remove "(" and ")", auto replace "exp(2)" on "ℯ^2", auto remove spaces; expectation: never change user input; store user input exactly as typed by user (with all syntax errors).

Make program accessible via keyboard (disable mouse, touchpad and use program only via keyboard). How to use keyboard to place cursor cell of "cas"? How to use keyboard to place cursor to cell of spreadsheet? How to open panel in separate window or dock separate window to panel of main window?

Implement copy-paste. Select some objects (numbers, points, lines, functions, any other), press "ctrl+c", press "alt+tab" to switch to another window of geogebra, press "ctrl+v". Result: nothing or paste small part of copied objects. Expectation: paste all copied objects (rename objects, if needed). Create point "A", create point "B", use "text tool" to create text object (example: "text1 = \"AB=\" + (Distance(A, B))"), select text object, press "ctrl+v", press "ctrl+c"; result: was created copies of all objects, which was dependent from copied text object (example: was created points "A_1", "B_1", text object "text1_1"); expectations: create only text object copy (example: create only "text1_1"; do not create "A_1", "B_1").

Type "func(x,m) := if(true,x-m,x+m)" ("x" is first argument; "m" is second argument). Result: function "func(m, x) = If(true, x - m, x + m)" was created; note that arguments "x" and "m" was swapped silently ("x" is second argument; "m" is first argument). Expectation: create exactly typed function; do not swap arguments (do not consume human time to search hard detectable bugs).

Type "func(x) := mod(x,3)"; result: dialog with error message "Command Mod: illegal argument: Number 3". Type "func(list) := Element(list,1)"; result: dialog with error message "Command Element: illegal argument: Function list". Expectation: show user-friendly problem-describing error message; functions "mod", "element", other must be allowed to call from other functions.

Open "redefine" dialog. You see one-line text field; most of time width of text bigger then width of text field. If user manually increase height of dialog, increase height of text field; implement soft wrap of text field.

Dependency problem. Type "s : Slider(0,1)", "sMin : 0", "s : Slider(sMin,1)"; open "construction protocol". You see "Number s" as first item and "Number sMin" as second item, but "s" (first) is dependent from "sMin" (second); order of items is invalid. Valid order is "sMin" (first), "s" (second).

"Input help" panel problems. Bottom part of bottom have minimum height limit; expectation: no height limit. Panel is not available via keyboard. Press scroll bar up or down button, rotate mouse wheel; number of lines to scroll very big; some lines not visible on screen; expectation: scroll one line only. Press "paste" button; result: insert "<name of function>[]" in input bar; expectation: use "()" instead of "[]", i. e. insert "<name of function>()" in input bar; or remove "paste" button (user can copy-paste function name itself). Panel does not actually provide help; expectation: provide full documentation.

Show current values of object style. Color code (text like "Brown 153, 51, 0 (#993300)") in "object properties" dialog are not copiable; expectation: ability to copy color code. Implement better color selector dialog. Show current value of "line thickness", "line opacity", other as numbers at the left of sliders.

Position of check box (boolean variable like "a = true") always absolute; value of switcher "fix checkbox" ignored. Expectation: honor value of "fix checkbox"; position of check box must be either absolute or relative.

In "algebra" panel choose sort order as "construction order". Try to move any item in panel "algebra"; result: do nothing; expectation: change order of items in construction protocol. Redefine some object; result: position of item may be moved in construction protocol, but position of item in "algebra" panel not changed; expectation: automatically reorder items of "algebra" panel in construction order. Redefine some object; result: item may be moved in construction protocol without necessity; expectation: do not move item in construction order, if not needed (if no dependencies changed).

Open "preferences" dialog, choose "Preferences - Defaults", "Point", "On Path", "Algebra"; expectation: "Speed" and "Repeat" must be inside "Animation" box.

Type "f(a,b,c,d) := if(true,a+b+c+d,a-b-c-d)", save ggb file, close ggb file, open ggb file. Result: dialog with error message "Opening file failed. Processing of command: If(true,a+b+c+d,a-b-c-d)"; now "f" is slider (not function). Expectation: support of multivariable functions.

Type "n = 0.1515", "divisor = sin(π/20) / (5*(4*sin(π/20)+π/10)) + π/(800*sin(π/20)+200*π/10)", "invalid = Division(n, divisor)", "valid = n - Div(n, divisor) * divisor"; rounding to 3 decimal places. In my case value of variable "invalid" is "{3, 0.001}", value of variable "valid" is "0.002", i. e. there are mismatch between return values of "Division()" and "Div()"; not reproduced in new ggb file; if set rounding to 4 decimal places or more, "invalid" is "{3, 0.0015}", "valid" is "0.0015".

02 february 2020.

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Thanks, we'll check the problem with f(a,b,c,d) := if(true,a+b+c+d,a-b-c-d)

I think all the other things you've mentioned are either deliberate design decisions or trivial things we won't fix. If you disagree, please post one issue per thread

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