There may be some bugs?

刘为华 shared this problem 1 year ago
Not a Problem

In the "GeoGebra Classic".

three points:


Take point C as the center and double root sign 2 as the radius

Then you can "work out" that circle C is tangent to line AB.

But if you zoom in on the drawn images, you'll see that they're not tangent.

The tangent point is (-2,2),on the line AB.

If you have more information,you can send me an email.

I'll read in time.

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Given A, B and C the tangent point is the intersection point D of the perpendicular on the line AB through C. The radius of the circle is a = 2 . sqrt(2), or sqrt(8), written as a simplified root with the command SurdText(a) and D is (-2, 1). What"s the problem or the bug?


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