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Wen Zhu shared this question 11 months ago

I am new to GeoGebra and am learning how to use its geometric tools. Recently I wanted to create an angle slider and encountered an annoying problem. On the popup slider definition window, I named my slider first and then selected the type of slider (Angle), in the order from top to bottom. After clicking the OK button, I noticed that the slider name was changed. I tried several times and figured out that I have to select the type first and then name my slider. Is it a bug? If the order is important, is it possible to redesign the popup window and let users select the type first and then name the slider?

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standard sliders for numbers are named in Latin and sliders for angles in Greek letters. If you open the dialog for a slider, a Latin letter is suggested. If you select the option Angle, the suggestion will changed into a Greek letter. However, if you want, after the change of the suggestione, you can change the suggested Greek letter back into a name you're free to choose. Then, when clicking on OK, the name you have chosen will be unchanged and will be appended to the slider.

So, first choose the type of slider, then name it, then click on OK. It's not a bug but a matter of the richt order of doing things.


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