This is my problem that no save offline mode on the programs(cas, geomerry ,3D) in android 11

pouya shared this problem 2 years ago

See, when I click on the open button, it gives the message of no access to resources and also dont saves files that wrote in program, when I am offline, why !!!! This is my problem do you do not understand yet in 5.0.649 versions for all programs can you test it .

Please fix This problem in new updates

My system is android 11

Thank you

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You can save files offline on your Android device by using “Share” in the menu. Then choose where you would like to save your file. Depending on your device you might need an extra “save to file” app to get access to all your offline folders.Tapping on any .ggb files in other apps or your folders and choosing a GeoGebra app will open the file on your device again.

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