The polyhedron command in Geogebra 5.2

Bart de Keijzer shared this question 7 months ago

Dear GeoGebra Team,

I recently stumbled upon the "Polyhedron" command on the help pages:

This command is exactly what I would need.

However, the help page also says that the command is "only available in Geogebra 5.2".

This confused me tremendously: On your website it looks like I can only download Geogebra 6 and Geogebra 5.0. Indeed, the command certainly does not work in Geogebra 6.

My question is: Where can I obtain this illusive version 5.2 of Geogebra, and why does that command not work anymore in 6?

Thank you very much for your support.

Best wishes,


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Kikkend op GeoGebra 5.2 lees ik 'commando's uitgesteld tot GeoGebra 5.2'

5.2 is inderdaad nog niet gereleased en releases zijn nooit voorspelbaar.

Wat al wel bestaat zijn de aparte commando's Viervlak, Twaalfvlak en Twintigvlak.



Thank you very much for your answers!

I am not sure where you find the page you talk about, containing these features planned for Geogebra 5.2. In fact, I cannot find any mention of Geogebra 5.2 on the Geogebra website, except some page of release notes and the above mention in the help pages. This is what caused my confusion.

I am also puzzled about the versioning system that is used. Why has Geogebra 6 been released while 5.2 is still planned?

Nonetheless, many thanks for the clarification that 5.2 is an unreleased version.





Polyhedron command was planned but never implemented. We may try to add some solid geometry commands in the future, but we have no clear schedule for this.



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