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The increment of the slider changes with GeogGebra widget for iBooks.

fumiko shared this problem 4 years ago

When converting the following applet(.ggb) to Offline Widgets for iBooks and inserting them into iBooks, the increment of the slider changes.

In the applet, the increment is 1, but in the widget the increment is 0.5.

I have never seen such a phenomenon in other applets(.ggb).

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That's strange!

What version of the Widget are you using?


Thank you for your reply.

I can not check the version of the GeoGebraCore.wdgt file embedded in my iBooks author.

I have several GeoGebraCore.wdgt files of different versions.

So, when I tried it, I could confirm this phenomenon in the 5-0-441-0 version.

Replacing it with the latest GeoGebraCore.wdgt(5-0-480-0) file, this phenomenon has been resolved.


Sorry, we won't be providing further updates/support for iBook widgets

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