The exact ratio when exporting the image

dbelavic shared this question 3 years ago


Is it possible to set exact ratio when exporting image?

I would like to set for example ratio 3:2 or 16:9 and then export image with that ratio?

I am aware of export dialogue and it's possibilities, but I need image with exact ratio. And I can't do that in the export dialogue. And adjusting geogebra window manually for exact ratio is not easy.

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Use Export_1 and Export_2 see Manual

Export_1 defined as free point

Export_2 = Point(Ray(Export_1, Export_1 + (3, 2)))

or use above the ratio (2,3) or (16,9) or (9,16)

shift Export_1 to the corner bottom left of export-area and shift Export_2 to the desired size

hide the points


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