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How can I customize the dot and box plot tools so they can process and graph more than 30 points? I would really like my students to be able to use this tool to digitally replicate the dot and box plots they have been creating by hand in order to present their results, but many our sample sizes are greater than 30.

Currently. the dot plot tool seems to respond to up to 20 data points and the box plot tool takes up to 30.

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Are you using the spreadsheet One Variable Analysis tool? If yes, this works for me with over 20 values (I just used 36 values; I'm using GeoGebra 5.0.389 for Mac); make sure to type them in spreadsheet cells in a column and select all the cells you want before clicking on the tool.

If you want to make plots on a Graphics view (not in the Data Analysis window), you can try like in the attached: it has a list of 100 values used in a dot plot and in a box plot.

list values in a spreadsheet column

select the spreadsheet cells with values and use the List tool to create a dependent list L_1

type in the commands in the Input bar for each plot; I used:

dotplot = DotPlot(L_1)

boxplot = BoxPlot(-5, 1, L_1)

(the -5 is to y-offset the box plot down below the dot plot, and the 1 is the height of the box; of course change these as needed)

Hope this helps,

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