The cubic root doesn´t works on functions

Daniel Mauricio Peña Jurado shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

When a put a cubic root on a function, the app Geogebra classic doesn´t show the line on the graphic, it shows this:

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I don't understand you. What do you mean by 'When I put a cubic root on a function"? And I suppose you mean that the function isn't shown? If you can explain yourself better in Spanish, please do.

I'm not sure either which function you want to define, but I suppose you have some problems with the interface of the virtual keyboard. I've defined two functions with cubic roots without problems. Be sure to use the arrow keys of the keyboard to define the number 3, the x and the number 4 where they have to be put. When I look at the picture you included it seems to me that in your file the x and 4 are too high and probably somehow used as an exponent. Compare whith my picture and experiment with the arrow keys to put everything right.




Which version are you using?

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