The asymptotes of a hyperbola using the Tangent tool

Zeno shared this idea 7 years ago

If I have to draw the tangents to a hyperbola from a point P, the tool "Tangents" works fine for every P except for the center of the hyperbola.

It would be nice if it could work also from the hyperbola center to have a more 'geometrical' and easy way to draw the asymptotes of a hyperbola (instead of using the command Asymptote from the input bar).

Thanks! :)

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You can create your own tool.

Create a function

Use the Asymptote[] command

Create a tool from Tools>>Create New Tool...



Yes, thanks, I know that.

It was the request of an extention of the features of the Tangent tool:

if I create the tangents to an hyperbola from any point P, it's not nice to see them disappear as soon as I move P on the center of the hyperbola and then reappear when I move it away, it' a sort of continuity request.

Thanks for answering, ciao! :)

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