Text wrapping of long commands in the Algebra pane

mweissa2 shared this question 4 years ago

Very long commands (for example, the definition of $L_1$ in the worksheet https://ggbm.at/gkEwrcj3) are extremely difficult to enter and edit in the app due to the fact that there is no text wrapping. Is there any way to enable text wrapping in the Algebra pane? (Note, there are a few other topics here about text wrapping in text objects, but that is not what I'm asking about.)

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now there is problem sharing in tube

we can not see your work


Sorry, no. I suggest you use GeoGebra Classic 5 and/or Notepad++ for typing long commands

Also you could give Delta_{t} an easier name to type!

Sequence(Polygon((f(k Delta_{t}), g(k Delta_{t}), 0), (f((k + 1) Delta_{t}), g((k + 1) Delta_{t}), 0), (f((k + 1) Delta_{t}), g((k + 1) Delta_{t}), h(f(k Delta_{t}), g(k Delta_{t}))), (f(k Delta_{t}), g(k Delta_{t}), h(f(k Delta_{t}), g(k Delta_{t})))), k, 0, N - 1)

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