text position classic 5 vs online.

goldenj shared this question 5 months ago

So I tend to make things in the desktop (Classic 5) but when I uploaded the latest, relative position of the text is screwed up. All the Xs are defined to have absolute position. I'm trying to understand what's happening and get a fix.

Online: https://www.geogebra.org/m/kqnuzeep

Classic file attached. Images as well.

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You are relying on fonts on different computers (or even the same computer!) having exactly the same metrics

I suggest using some or all of

a) use all LaTeX text if you need pixel perfection

b) FormulaText("\xcancel{0}")

c) \tt for monospaced text FormulaText("\tt{0\;1\;2\;3\;4\;5\;6\;7\;8\;9") for equal spacing

d) FormulaText(Sum(Sequence(If(i!=3, ""+i, "\red{\xcancel{"+i+"}}"),i,0,9)))


Thanks! The TeX solved the issue first try.

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