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Timo Budarz shared this question 4 years ago

GeoGebra Team,

I have been creating a textbook in GeoGebra for a few years now. I used to use an ipython (now jupyter) notebook and switched for various reasons. There are some things I still really miss about the notebook and find myself frustrated by formatting limitations in the GeoGebra book interface at times like today. It seems to me that I'm limited by the BBCode subset that ggb books use. When I try to use html, it doesn't work unless there is equivalent BBCode in which case it automatically gets converted to BBCode when I press save.

A few things which would be nice for document formatting would be:

1) The ability to start ordered lists at values other than 1, which is allowed in html.

2) A shortcut notation to typing [math]y=x[/math] such as the $y=x$ notation used in latex. I type so many equations that it seriously slows my progress. Even $$y=x$$ would be much quicker, if needed for obvious reasons.

3) The ability to number equations such that they can be referred to in the text. This would be super useful to make the book look professional.

4) Similar links between sections of a book such that they are easy to implement.

5) Quotes with attribution such as [quote={name}]{text}[/quote], which is part of BBCode, but which for some reason is not allowed in a GeoGebra book.

6) Block quoes to easily delineate something like an example within the text from the other text.

Please don't misunderstand my list to mean that I don't appreciate the work you've done. There are certain features of GeoGebra books that are hard to match in any other way. My students really appreciate the interactive graphics which are only rivaled by mathematica or jupyter notebooks with considerably more effort, and in the case of mathematica also a steep price.

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Thanks, we'll consider those when planning the next version of GeoGebraBooks!

Sorry that I can't give you a timescale for that.


I am seriously considering writing the book in LaTeX and putting links to the geogebra resources inside the pdf. Even a small inline math such as $x$ requires the button to be clicked. I hope my project partner agrees with me, as the time spent in this kind of typesetting would be just too much to waste. It's a pitty though, because the almost other markdown I was using is compatible, so I'd have to change not only the math typesetting but also all of the text formatting method I was using. So I second the math support (as well as the other suggestions).

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