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Jaroslav Hajtmar shared this question 6 years ago

I would like make an worksheet in which the students were able to verify the accuracy of some of its constructions (eg. Find the center of symmetry of two symmetrical triangles). I need find some way to test whether a point or a line (generally an object) that the student formed by its construction (e.g. as the intersection of lines etc.) corresponds to my hidden point (in this case, if the center of symmetry found student is the same as the true center of the hidden symmetry). In the event that the student object coincides with mine, I need to write the text "Correct etc.". Done anybody anything similar? Could anyone advise me? I have permanently problem with nonexistent object comparisons with the existing object. Thanks. Jaroslav

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It's difficult. Maybe you can let student drag points or lines to correct position. "on update" scripting, you can check the status of dragged objects.


In https://beta.geogebra.org/graphing you can try the exercise feature: create the construction you want your students to replicate, using Tools > New Exercise > Create new Tool create the automatic check for that. You can then access the exercise result from JavaScript or embed it into a worksheet on beta.geogebra.org and use the exercise settings:


This feature is still in development (hence accessible only via the "beta" URL), but beta.geogebra.org and geogebra.org share the same database so your students will be able to use your worksheets via the normal URL.

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