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Markus Hohenwarter shared this idea 14 years ago

Dear friends,

this July we attended the ICME conference in Mexico which was very

successful. However, we encountered some criticism from commercial

software developers. It was suggested that the development of

open-source software is not sustainable solely by a user community. We

would like to reflect on these issues and write a report describing

the work that has been done in local communities, especially in

communities where access to software resources is limited. We would be

grateful if you could send us a short (2-3 pages) description of your

activities and how GeoGebra impacted the use of technology and quality

of mathematics teaching and learning in your institutions and/or

countries to or

It would be great if you could write about:

1. Your past and current activities, and your future plans concerning

the use of GeoGebra

2. How do you think open-source software impacted mathematics teaching

and learning in your institution/country?

3. What are the benefits of using open-source software in mathematics

teaching, learning, and teacher education in your institution/country?

Also, if you have written any papers/reports describing your

activities please send them to us if possible. We would love to

include them in the publication list on the GeoGebra website (see Also, if you

know about any papers/reports about GeoGebra that are not included in

this list could you please send us a reference?

Your contributions would be an enormous help for us and it could

greatly improve the credibility of GeoGebra and assist the

sustainability of our project.

During the upcoming year, we hope to submit some grant proposals to be

able to assist GeoGebra activities around the world. If you have any

ideas please share them with us and if you need any help for applying

for funding let us know and we will try to assist you.

Kind regards,

Markus and Zsolt

Markus Hohenwarter,

Zsolt Lavicza,

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