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ivandewinne shared this question 2 years ago


I noticed that is is really easy to create a "Table of values" in the GeoGebra calculator suite and app.


This option "Table of values" is missing in GeoGebra 6 classic. (Or perhaps i did not found it...)


I know that it is of course possible to create in GeoGebra 6 classic a table with the spreadsheet or the command TableT()

This is not a problem for teachers but is rather difficult for students!

It would be great if the option "Tabel of values" would also be available in GeoGebra 6 classic.

A few teachers in Flanders contacted me and asked me to add this option.

Thanks in advance

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We won't be adding things to GeoGebra Classic, if you want the new features you have to use the new apps :)

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