Système d'équations paramétriques pour une courbe

Robert Adolle shared this question 4 years ago

Comment t racer une courbe dont on connaît un système d'équations paramétriques ?

Par exemple, une hélice

x = r cos(at)

y = r sin (at)

z = by

Merci !

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In Input bar, enter:

(r cos(a t), r sin(a t),b t)

GeoGebra will create the sliders for r, a, b with default values. Adjust the parameters settings (e.g. r>0, etc..).

Please remember to insert a blank space or a product symbol * between e.g. a and t so they are recognized as different variables and parameters.

Open 3D View to see it.

See also this wiki page: for further informations and options.

P.S. I suppose that for the expression for z you meant b t (instead of b y)

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