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raehs555 shared this question 2 years ago

Hi Guys,

I recently downloaded Geogebra Classic 6 (v 6-0-620-0) for Windows. With older versions for desktop (mine was 6-0-546-0 originally), the main menu had an "apps" option for switching between the different Geogebra apps. The new version, however, seems to lack this option (rather, the app seems to default to some kind of "exam-type" 2D graphing calculator), and for the life of me, I cannot work out how to access the other apps. Has the option been moved elsewhere? Is it a bug? Any help would be appreciated.


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GeoGebra Classic has the full functionalities of GeoGebra, and you can switch between the Views (Graphing1, graphing2, 3D, etc...) using the View menu.

You probably mean that you want the Suite :) that you can use online here https://www.geogebra.org/calculator or download from the App Store (iOs) or Play Store (Android).


Thanks for the prompt reply Simona! So the Windows desktop version no longer includes access to e.g. the 3D graphing calculator? You're saying if I wanted to use 3D, I would have to use it online or via mobile app instead?

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