SVG, PDF, EPS export improvements

cabri4d shared this idea 12 years ago
Under Consideration


Recently, I could observe a lot of new improvements in PStricks and PGF/TikZ exports which is a very good things and I often use them.

This is very important for users who make their documents with tex.

However, SVG, PDF, EPS, PNG exports don't progress in the meantime. PStricks and PGF/TikZ have really great options such as "grayscale" or "display the symbol for points". There are also important options like "picture width", "picture height", "xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax".

I think these options should really be implemented in SVG/PDF/EPS/PNG export because a lot of people use them.

I have a lot of colleagues that are using Geogebra but they don't use latex and they really miss these options.

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