surgestion : building composite function

Mads Frederik Toft shared this question 3 years ago

Being doing some research in regards to composite functions, and came across a formula which allows to compose a function from two functions. It uses something called the griewank function as a transformation function.

I don't know it some one tried to implement this in Java script? But as I understand if implemented correctly, it would in theory allow the possiblity to correct a possible command for Geogebra maybe called compose(f(x),g(x)) which then would create a function f(g(x)).

My programming skills aren't at this level, but I thought I would just leave the theory here as a surgestion for the future of Geogebra :)

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You can already create f(g(x)) as well as g(f(x)) by entering the same exact syntax.

See my file. I've defined f and g, then created the compositions (right click on the other two functions to see their definitions)

(It's much faster to enter their natural definition than to enter a command :) )

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