Surface command presents error if 3D Graphics panel is open but not when closed

DashingDave shared this problem 4 years ago
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In short, I can create a Surface in the Mac Desktop app (6.0.496) when the 3D Graphics panel is closed, but I receive an error when I try to do the same thing when the 3D panel is open. Here's the link to my ggb file (creating a new Surface works fine with the document online for some reason), but here's a visual rundown of what I'm doing.

I start out with a regular Graphics panel:


Then I create a Surface command:


Then I open a 3D Graphics panel:


Then I try to create a second Surface command (with the 3D Graphics panel still open), and I get an error:


When I close the 3D Graphics panel, the new Surface command appears properly in the Algebra view:


And when I open up the 3D Graphics panel again, the new surface appears:



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the syntax is for curve. see Surface( <Curve>, <Angle>, <Line> ). the syntax for functions is Surface( <Function>, <Angle> )

it is possible that GG read p(x) like curve when the active graphics is not 3D, but then the correct answer is 'syntax error'

try with curve(t,p(t),t,0,2)


x = 1
is treated as a plane when the 3D View is open. Try this instead:

Surface(p, 2π, Line((1,0),(1,1)))

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