Suggestion: Possibility of setting size of numbers shown on axes

marcway shared this question 10 months ago

Dear friends,

We often need to export the figures built in Geogebra. When they are geometric elements like circles, squares, polygons etc. we have no problems.

But when we want to export figures that deal with functions, the numbering of the axes becomes too small and impairs the students' final visualization.

If we are going to increase the size of the numbers, all the other elements also increase in the same proportion. This is not always what we wish to happen.


1- keep the possibility of increasing everything through Options >> Font Size, as it is today;

2- However, there was also the possibility of increasing separately the size of the numbers, which are shown in the axes.

Thank you. Marcelo.

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.The setting of the fontsize determines the size of the numbers on the axes and other labels. The size of texts can be determined relatively from very small to very large. Eventually you can use texts with smaller fontsize as labels, so what's the problem? Can you give a problematic exemple?



Hi ccambre,

Many thanks for your explanations and guidance.

By trying to generate an example, I was able to learn better how to perform a more perfect set of numbers on the axes.

Thanks, because I managed to solve the problem of exporting the figures, as my friend frndmrsl also advised me.

Thanks so much for your support and sorry for suggesting an improvement, which actually showed that I didn't know how to use the export tool properly.

Thank you, Marcelo.

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