[Suggestion] Directly switch between exact and numeric results in CAS similar to as in "Sci Calc"

Alexander Perl shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I like the way you implemented the switch between exact and numeric results in the Android App "GeoGebra Sci Calc":

When entering "1/3-5/7" you first get

  • "= -8/21"

If you then decide to rather have the numeric result, you can just click on the "≈" button to get

  • "≈ -0.3809523809524"

Another click on the then-visible "=" button takes you back to the exact result, and whichever way you choose, it has no effect to the following inputs. I really like that!

Sadly, this is implemented way more frustrating in the full-suited GeoGebra Classic CAS. After entering "1/3-5/7" and hitting enter, you also get "= -8/21" at first. In order to convert this do a decimal number, you have to first re-select the original cell, then click the "Numeric tool" (which is one unnecessary mouse-click). But then you have to remember that now the "Numeric tool" stays selected, so if you want to do the exact calculation "5-8/3" you get "2.33..." instead of "7/3".

And before anyone suggests this: I know that you can just click the adequate tool without re-selecting the original cell to get the numeric result. But this will NOT take you back to the exact result if you already calculated a numeric result, as seen in the following example:



My suggestion: Add small buttons to the blue cell headers and allow the user to quickly choose between exact and numeric results cell by cell, not by first having to reselect the cell and then choose the global preference in the toolbar. Here's how I would design it:


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We won't be adding this to the Classic App, but we will consider it for the new GeoGebra CAS Graphing Calculator

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