"Submit" button not showing up at the bottom of students templates in Google Classroom

krebsmathclass shared this question 1 month ago


I linked a students account to their school google email account. Then submitted a geogebra template as an assignment through Google Classroom. However, there was not a "Submit" button located at the bottom of the page for them to send me their saved work.

Any thoughts on what I should do is much appreciated.



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I figured this one out.


How did you resolve it? I'm having the same issue.


I believe for us the problem was with Google in that on the Tablets we were using there was an Auto-Refresh which made it impossible to sign out of one person's Google account and into another (one class leaves and doesn't sign out thoroughly and then another class comes in and its a mess). Auto Refresh exists in Google Classroom and Google Drive - maybe others. I got so frustrated with it that I just had students save to Geogebra account and then take a link and submit the link into google classroom. Or take photos of their work on Geogebra and attach those.

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