sub character in variable names

hawe shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

once again the hint that when working across ggb5/ggb6 there are problems with sub indices

ggb6 coded var_{i} and gg5 coded var_i

this makes some trouble in CAS:

Editing line 23 in gg6 make a referenz to q_D - but ggb6 coded q_{D} and q_{D} was not found (see also q_{N} was changed after edit in gg6 named in gg5 q_N)


bak in gg5 you see what gg6 made bei editing line 23: - you have to remove parentheses {} in sub indices to have a referenz to q_D only in gg5 to handle

it wouldn't be possible to finally harmonize that?

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Sorry, I think you'll just need to type _{...} manually in Classic 5


This is not the point of interrest - there are indexes set in gg5 without {} - the problem is ggb6 changes a sub index by editing the line without take care to other references indexed without{} ==> see line 23 ggb6 created q_{D} but need a reference d_D (see ouput line 23 q_{D} was undefined) and line 23 back in gg5 q_N was changed in q_{N} all references pointing to q_N where cut down - lost references and lost settings to q_N.

it is much more so that i need a reference to q_D in ggb6 and cannot specify it, because ggb6 sets the sub indexes in {} and equips the sub indexes with {} when editing a line without touching the variable it self

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