Stop animation of decreasing slider

YongLi shared this question 3 years ago

How do I stop the animation of a decreasing slider, a from -4 to 0 when it reaches -4..

I am activating the animation via the use of a check box. Is there any script that can do this?

If[a==-4, StartAnimation[a,false]] does not work for some reason. How can I correct this?

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Maybe the speed of your slider is too high, or the steps are too fines ... and in this kind of case the slider doesn't always reach all the values, so maybe it jumps the -4 ...

Perhaps some more experimented people than me will give you a better answer ...

Anyway, you can consider the solution I gave you to another of your posts :

In addition, when you post on this forum, it is usefull to join your GGB file and indicate the version of GGB your are using, the type of your device (PC, Mac, phone ...) and your operating system, so that it will be easier to help you.



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