Spreadsheet problem; typed formulas treated as static text (literals)

Mark Pennington shared this question 2 years ago

At some point the spreadsheet in Classic 5 has started misinterpreting my keyboard input of cell formulas — instead of accepting formulas as such, the "cell" gets defined as static text containing the formula. The problem occurs whether a formula is entered with an equals sign or not. Screenshot attached.

More context:

Using Classic 5.0.609.0-d on my Windows 7 laptop.

The spreadsheet is being used to define and organize objects to be displayed in the 3d view. Roughly 25 rows by 35 columns — a considerable number of graphics objects in 3d.

Entering/editing formulas had been working just fine, whether 1) typed directly in a cell, 2) typed into the spreadsheet formula bar, 3) by copy/paste from another cell, or 4) by fill down/fill right, etc., but none of these methods are working now.

However, it is still possible to type or paste a cell formula into the ggb input bar (e.g. C3 = C1 + C2). And I can still change a formula by editing the Definition field in properties or by editing in the Algebra View. But this makes for very tedious work, to say the least.

Curiously, this problem doesn't occur with all ggb files, but when I open the "problem" file with the online browser version, I get the same odd behavior. Am I dealing with some known settings, options, etc.? If it’s a heavier issue I can post files as needed.



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Please post the .ggb file


Here is the referenced .ggb file.

I left some pertinent notes about this issue in the Spreadsheet view.

Geogebra is one of the most useful and versatile software applications I have ever worked with. I appreciate any assistance with this question!


be sure the cell is empty deleting it

your preferences for spreadsheet are


be sure you typed = before command


I highly value your comments.

I double-checked the commands & calcs in my Spreadsheet View; they all have a leading = sign. And I am being careful to clear and delete any previous cell definition or contents before entering or pasting new commands, etc.

Nonetheless the problem with not accepting new commands is persistent, as shown in the attached screenshot at "Cell J23".

I humbly request that you open the supplied .ggb file with Classic 5.0.609.0-d and attempt to copy Cell J22 and paste it into Cell J23, and see if you get the same results that I'm getting.

If I'm entering cell commands incorrectly, or if I'm using Spreadsheet in a way that was not intended, I certainly want to know that so I can get on with this and other projects. Sincere thanks!



Please disable "require = before commands" then it seems OK for me


Works for me now. Thanks, Michael...

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