Spreadsheet: Input formula - cant edit formula no more

Grobe shared this idea 10 years ago


In other spreadsheet, If I enter: "=5+15/60" the cell will then show "5,25", but when double click the cell again, the original formula is still there, and I don't need to remember all numbers.

In Geogebra spreadsheet, the cell will aso wiew "5.25". But, when I double click on the cell again, I can only edit the number "5.25". So If I want to change t.ex 15 to 12 in the above formula, I have to write the whole formula once again.

I wish that Geogebra spreadsheet could leave the formula command as it is, like other spreadsheet programs does.

Geogebra version 3.9.392.0


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Still not fixed. I have now contacted GeoGebra on Facebook, and I really hope that the developers will look at this major bug.

Geogebra 4.4.30

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