spreadsheet displays segments as lines

sanchisgr shared this question 2 years ago

I created a list of points, and then a list of segments connecting these points:

L_1=Sequence((cos(t), sin(t)), t, 0, n 2 π, 2π / m)

L_2=Sequence(Segment(L_1(k), L_1(k + n)), k, 1, n m)

Then I fill column A in the spreadsheet with L_2:


But the entries in L_2 are now lines, not segments. I want segments, not lines. Is there a way to fix this? I'm putting the segments in the spreadsheet so that I can more easily change the colors of indivdual segments.

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fiillcolumn fills with "Resulting cells are free objects, i.e. independent of the list." so this does not work for you

type A1=1


select A1, A2 then drag down the blue square


B1 = Element(L_2, A1) then select and drag down the cell like in attached

(select B16 and drag down the blue square)

better if you attach the file next time

Files: foro.ggb
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