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B1 = {A, B, C}. If I type in B2, = Polygon[B1] then polygon lengths appear in C2, D2 and E2 which may be annoying. If I type in B2 = Polygon[B1] in input bar there is no problem.

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I believe GG has to store the objects somewhere. If you issue the command at the command line they wil be stored as regular objects. If you do it in the spreadsheet it will store them in the spreadsheet (thus being auxiliary and not cluttering up your algebra view.

I guess it would be nice to have a third option, namely storing them as regeular but auxiliary objects not shown in the spreadsheet. It raises some questions though... Should this be a global setting for all objects, global setting per object type or setting per object?

An object in the spreadsheet is automatically auxiliary. Perhaps the solution would be to have the setting per object. Activating it would effectively make it disappear from the spreadsheet. It would therefore need to be renamed (perhaps to C4' or C4_1 etc).

Actually, if you rename the segments manually you make them disappear from the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, if you drag-copy the original polygon command this setting does not carry on to the new segments. Maybe if you make a tool for the polygon with the renamed segments, though I doubt it.

This was not very helpful I fear, sorry.

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