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This Problem ("Bremst "ZeigeAchsen" (showAxes) Applets?") is not solved, it has only received a more comprehensive analysis of the problem.

maybe it is a user error, or you give a very low priorty to fix the problem, or maybe this can't be fixed, or maybe there exist a workaoround, or this will be fixed in an upcoming major release (GGB7 or higher), or, or, but the problem still exists.


Partial translation of the thread

Complex parameterized curves are calculated and displayed in an applet: this is time-consuming (loading time and computing time).

The curves depend on few data: Points/lines and/or sliders. To avoid that every change delays the applet, the data are moved as "dummies". Only a "Recalculate" button sets the original data, which restarts calculation of the curves.

This works well as long as the script command "ShowAxes" has not been triggered.

After that, however, the "dummies" are also blocked(!) and the applet is heavily braked!


Analysis in one of the posts:

Reasonable assumption:

As soon as "ShowAxes()" is executed for the first time, then onUpdate is always fulfilled for some or all objects, which requires as much performance as if you would work without the button "recalculate" (and without dummies). (The old state, without the new dummies is unnecessarily recalculated).

The following have no influence

  • the parameter contents (true, false)
  • the syntax form (with or without <view>)
  • the language
  • with/without Execute()
  • Embedding in Bolean or something else (e.g. slider 0 to 1,step1)
  • as GGB or JS

In my opinion it is clearly a bug (GGB5 and GGB6).


in another post in the tread:

Script command "ShowGrid" seems to have the same slowing effect.

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Thank you Rami, I've forwarded your post to the Support Team :)


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