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Some way to get Geogebra to automatically display a signed length?

OlyDLG shared this question 2 years ago

With respect to, I'm illustrating finding a second point, given a point and a negative slope, and I'd like one of the legs of the "slope triangle" to be labeled as negative, which I know how to do manually, but I'd prefer it if there's some way to get GeoGebra to do it automatically for me; swapping the order of the defining points in the Segment command didn't do it; defining the segment as a properly-oriented vector achieves the desired sign in the computed label, but also displays the x-component of the vector, (which would be confusing for the intended audience, and inconsistent with the labeling of the other segment). Is there some way to get GeoGebra to automatically display a "signed length"? Thanks!

It occured to me that an "elegant" way to do this would open up many other doors for me: is there some way to include computed values in (preferably LaTeX-interpreted) Captions? If not, that would be a GREAT feature to add!

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Never mind, I found it:! Thanks anyway!

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