Solutions and Solve Commands

jchooker10 shared this question 4 years ago

According to the Geogebra website,

Solutions( <Equation>, <Variable> )Solves an equation for a given unknown variable and returns a list of all solutions.Solutions( <List of Equations>, <List of Variables> )Solves a set of equations for a given set of unknown variables and returns a list of all solutions.WHY ARE NEITHER OF THESE OPTIONS SHOWING UP IN EITHER GEOGEBRA ONLINE OR GEOGEBRA DESKTOP?! DID GEOGEBRA REMOVE THEM WITHOUT UPDATING THE WEBSITE?

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Do you mean "they don't appear as autosuggestion when you start to type Sol... in the inputbar"?

This commands only work in CAS and they appear in the autosuggestions when you start to type in a CAS line.


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