Software to App Glitch? (inequality graphing)

tbrzezinski shared this question 4 years ago
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Hey gang,

Quick question - when I uploaded the task element to, I noticed that if I hit the green clear data button BEFORE uploading the element (so that there's all "?"'s in the input boxes), NO INEQUALITY WOULD SHOW UP if I typed on in.

What I discovered I have to do is leave a few inequalities in there (as you see now) and have the user FIRST hit "Clear Data". Once he/she does, the inequalities disappear (and become undefined again). Thus, when the user inputs new ones, they'll show up. But if I upload a file/or task element with cleared data to start, the inequalities won't show up.

Why is this? I mean, it seems silly to have the user do the extra step of hitting "clear data" before typing in new inequalities. I don't mind though--this is the only way I could figure out how to make it work.

Thoughts from your end as to how I can upload this file with everything cleared so user doesn't have to hit "clear data"? Not that urgent of a matter...but would like to know why it didn't work transitioning from software to desktop.


Tim Brzezinski

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