Software become very slow whenever sequence/list made on 2D,3D and working on spreadsheet.

Math123 shared this question 1 year ago
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First of all Geogebra is one the best software it always give me the solution whatever i wanted to. but i am facing other issue beside capability. Software always become slow or hang whenever i make sequence/list also when working with spreadsheet and similar type of work. My PC working fine whenever software become slow. I am currently using Geogebra classics latest version also using Geogebra 5.

If any other version is working better with heavy work Pls suggest solution. because it make me constraint to restrict my project less loaded.

Pls take this positively , No doubt Geogebra is one of the best software.

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Please post your .ggb file


The same happens to me. incredible slow with sequences.

System: ubuntu 20.04 Computer works fine.

geogebra 6 classic, and also geogebra 5 classic

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