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Christopher Policari shared this question 2 years ago
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If I have a circle centered at origin with a point attached to the circle's circumference, the point will snap to other points on the circle at multiples of pi/2 radians. Is there some way to make the point also snap to other angles? For example, if I want the point on the circumference to snap exactly to the point corresponding to 1 radian, how can I do this? I've put a fixed point on the circumference at 1 radian, but my traveling point won't snap to it.

Is such a thing possible?

I've attached the .ggb I'm working on for context.

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If you want a point to snap to certain values you can create a list of those values e.g. l2={R_0, ... R_6} and define the point R as Point(l2). If you want to toggle between the two boolean options you can set up the list conditionally too: l2= If(a , {...} , {...} ).

You can mark the checking of the two booleans exclusively or not, to seperate the two options for the angles with scripting on update on a: SetValue( b, If (a, false, true ) and vice versa for b



Thank you for this; I was not aware that lists could be used this way. I tried it, and now it seems that the point R now only snaps to the points in the list. I was hoping to still be able to sweep through all points on the circumference, snapping to the specified points as we approach them. I tried adding the circle u to the list, but that is logically no different from not even using a list in the first place. I'll just have to get more creative I guess.

Thanks again!

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